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The Environmental Cost of Technology

Technology is changing our lives for the better in countless ways, but the digital revolution has an environmental cost. From the problem of how to dispose of obsolete gadgets to the need for more power to run computer systems, the industry needs to start facing and planning for more efficient energy use and how to handle e-waste.

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New Inventions from Engineering Students

Engineering inventions throughout history have significantly impacted every aspect of human life. The latest inventions by engineering students and professional researchers are conceptually advanced and unique. Some new inventions seem to be straight out of fiction while others are more humble yet extremely useful.

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The Seven Steps of the Engineering Design Process

In engineering, bringing new ideas to life typically involves a process with specific steps. However, this process may not be entirely linear. At any time, you may go back a step or three, branch out into other projects, or decide to start over completely. The goal is to anticipate problems and come up with a solution that not only works, but also meets the needs of the user and incorporates the available resources within established guidelines and constraints.

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